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9 Reasons to Book a Private Chef for your Visit to Nashville

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Are you looking to give your group a one-of-a-kind dining experience in Nashville? One of the coolest things about Music City is the wide range of cultural influences present in its culinary scene. In the same way that you can find just about any cultural “fusion” in Nashville’s restaurants, you can experience a truly unique meal with any one of our private chef partners.

Here are some of the biggest perks to booking a private chef as part of your Nashville visit:

  1. You set the budget. If you haven’t been to a chef tasting before, this is the perfect way to try the experience for a price you can customize to your budget. It can be as down-home or as elevated of a meal as you’d like!

  2. Customize your menu ahead of time. As with every other Trove Hospitality service, our private chef experiences are completely customizable. You can request a certain type of cuisine and we’ll pair you with a private chef who’s an expert on the subject. You can choose how many courses you’d like the menu to contain, as well as whether you prefer family style or individually plated dishes. Your private chef will create a completely bespoke menu to suit your group’s desires and any dietary restrictions.

  3. Skip the stressful restaurant logistics. Reservation hassle, finding ride shares to take you all to the restaurant at the same time, parking if you drove yourself, splitting checks, the risk of poor quality service, do we need to go on? Booking a private chef experience will eliminate most of the stress for those of us who are *ahem* over-planners and tend to worry about every little detail.

  4. You control the atmosphere. Whether this meal is the main event of the evening or you’re planning to hit the town afterwards, you can decide what the ambience will feel like! A big bonus for large groups is that you don’t have to worry about yelling across the table at each other to be heard in a loud restaurant.

  5. Fresh ingredients prepared right in front of you. Take it from us, food just tastes better when you’ve watched it being made. Especially when the ingredients are from the chef’s own garden or hand-selected from the farmer’s market that morning! Private chefs get to showcase their passion for quality ingredients and artful preparation in a much more personal way.

  6. Hear some true insider stories. Our private chefs all have wildly different backgrounds, training, and experiences with cooking for all sorts of clients. In a fashion typical of Nashville, you never know where someone’s past has taken them, and some of our chefs have some incredible stories they’ll tell you while they prepare your meal!

  7. Learn a cooking secret or two! Many private chefs like to describe their process while they are cooking, and are always open to answering questions. Pay attention because you might learn a few techniques that you can take home from your Nashville trip.

  8. BYOB (if you want). You can decide whether you’d like your private chef experience to include wine or cocktail pairings or if you’d prefer to supply your own drinks! This can save you a lot of money or create a smoother experience if you’re getting ready to go out after dinner and want to have a few drinks at home before you hit the bars!

  9. No cleanup. Honestly, need we say more? Chefs will do all the prep, setup, serving, and cleanup, and leave your home looking exactly as it was when they arrived. How much is it worth to you to not have to argue over who’s doing the dishes?

We hear people say all the time that they’d rather dine out and “see the city”, but with our diverse and experienced group of private chef partners we can guarantee that you’ll have a meal you won’t soon forget, and there will still be plenty of time for exploring Nashville afterwards (especially if you book a full itinerary through Trove Hospitality)!

To get started with your customized vacation itinerary or learn more about how you can book a private chef for your Nashville visit, schedule a one-on-one consult with us today.

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